“Once you’ve seen her in action, you’ll never forget her.

Elisa has the ability to hold a crowd in the palm of her hands, and has proven to be a crowd pleaser. Check out her latest two music videos and her performance at the LA Cerritos Performing Arts Center where she captivated an audience of over 7,000 people.  See here.

Pop singer, song-writer/actress/model, the bilingual Elisa Meri is ready for STARDOM! Elisa was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but her Spanish/Native American French and Italian background makes her a unique fusion to her music as a singer/songwriter.

Performing live since the tender age of four, Elisa wrote songs for her friends and family and became a well known singer for local churches. Elisa’s focus has always been on music, however, she graduated with a degree in Psychology from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As president of the student council, Elisa established Regent Undergrad

Council Open Mic Night (RUC) a talent show contest for her fellow student body. The University still holds the annual event till today. Following graduation Elisa was granted admission to Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan but left during the first semester because she wanted to peruse her lifelong passion of music.

Elisa Meri has inspired many along her singing journey. Riding the waves of opportunity, Elisa is ready to capture the pop world. As a bilingual singer/songwriter, Elisa is surely set to become an international pop icon.

Enjoy her new music video!  (Link)


Elisa Meri is definitely a rising star. We want to see more of her. -FOX 43

“Elisa is the real deal. Passionate about her art and dedicated to her fans. On stage she has a sexy show live show that rivals Shakira and Beyonce. I’m genuinely surprised a major label hasn’t picked her up yet.” –Zak Tyler, Program Director WYOY (Jackson, Mississippi)

“Elisa Meri has an extremely magnetic personality and a very strong performer.”-The Virginia Pilot

“Elisa Meri is a rising star…someone to really watch out for.”– BlankTV

“This video [Sexual Symphony] has brought tourists to our beautiful island.”-Puerto Rico Dept. of Tourism

Elisa Meri is talented singer/songwriter that strongly captivates an audience.
“She is truly magic.” -VMA 2009 MTV Music Video Awards


“One Wo(Man) Band, Elisa Meri” nominated for Best Performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards from a field of more than 650 entries. She is her own one- woman, fully independent band -The Virginia Pilot

Elisa Meri was the first to be nominated a VMA at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for the 1st annual Pepsi Rock-Band Music Video Contest. She won 2nd place out of 650 entries in the nation.

Listen for the singles “Entrapment”, “Love Come Back to Me” on: 100.5 Max FM WXMM and Hugs and Kissses 98.7 FM99 WNOR.



Oblivion, Feature Film/ Gina, Lead/Scott Hansen Films, In production

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D/Body double for lead actress/John Luessenhop, Lionsgate

FBI:Criminal Pursuit/Lead,Victim/ID Discovery Channel

700 Club Sharon Bryson Story/ Lead, Victim/CBN Channel

Wicked Attractions/Lead/ID Discovery Channel

Deadly Women/Lead/ID Discovery Channel

Witch of Pungo/In Production/Lead, Witch (young)/SHPRO Films

Project Fear/Feature Film/In Production/Supporting Actress/Thunderdome Films

The Perfect Breed/Feature Film/Lead Female Vampire/Scott Hansen Productions

Pretty Bad Girls/Lead actress/ID Discovery Channel

It Happened Last Night/Lead actress/Rosenguez Productions

A Haunting/Lead actress/Greg Francis/Destination America Channel/New Dominion Pictures


Boxbomb Music Video/ lead Actress/MTV, MTV2

Motionless In White Music Video/Lead Actress, Zombie Nurse/MTV, MTV2, FuseTV

Bury Your Dead Music Video/Lead Actress Bar Fight/MTV, MTV2, Indie StarTV, FuseTV, Victory Records

Upon A Burning Body Music Video “Carlitos Way”/Lead Actress, Assassin/MTV, MTV2, Indie StarTV, FuseTV

Josh London Music Video/Lead Model, Actress/Def Jam, BET

Vampires Everywhere Music Video/Mail “it” High School Girl/MTV,MTV2

Artist Vs. Poet Music Video/Lead Girl Runner/FuseTV, MTV-U, MTV2, Vh1

Gomorah Music Video/Lead Victim/MTV, MTV2, Indie StarTV, FuseTV

RUSE Music Video/Lead Girl, Dancer/Vh1, MTV2, SHPRO

The Ghost Inside music Video “Chrono”/Lead Cheerleader HS/MTV, MTV2, MTV-U

BrokenCyde Music Video “Teach Me How To Scream”/Dancer/MTV, MTV2, MTV-U

BrokenCyde Music Video “Still The King”/Lead Actress, Torture Nurse/MTV-U, MTV, MTV2, HOT TOPIC

Mayleen And The Sons of Disaster Ft. Danny Trejo/Victim killed by Danny Trejo/ SHPROTV, MTV, MTV2

The Jookin Record Music Video/Ft. Elisa Meri Artist/Scott Hansen Productions

Arsis music video/News Reporter/Scott Hansen Productions, Digital Thunderdome


Doritos Commercial/SHPRO., Frito-Lay Inc./Dream Girl. (Link)
Pepsi-Rock Band SHPRO, Pepsi Company Lead Singer (Link, Link 2)
Mountain Dew/SHPRO, Pepsi Company Lead Actress. (Link)
Doritos Commercial/lead Actress/Frito-Lay Inc.
PEPSI Commercial/Lead Performer/PEPSI Company, Rock-Band
As Seen On TV Commercial/Lead actress/model for shoes/Tristar Productions
As Seen On TV Commercial/Lead actress/model for cell phone case/Tristar Productions
As Seen On TV Commercial/Lead actress/model for deep air fryer/Tristar Productions
As Seen On TV Commercial/Lead actress/model for car polish/Tristar Productions


Entrapment (Link)

Into Stone (Link)

Sexual Symphony (Link)

Merry Go Round
Singer/Songwriter (Link)

Los Angeles Cerritos Performing Center (Link)

Be Without You

Elisa Meri EPK
Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Model/Dancer. (Link)

Dead End Road (Link)

Break Away (Link)
by Elisa Meri

Shakira Cover (Link)
by Elisa Meri

Madonna Cover (Link)
by Elisa Meri

Elisa Meri Demo Reel (Link)

Elisa Meri in NYC, Contrast Art show 2013 NYC


H-Magazine (Hoboken,NJ)
Cover Page Model

Estilo Fashion Show
VIP/Exclusive Runway Model

Cleopatra, Broadway/King Tut Exhibition

Editorial Portfolio Magazine Hampton Roads
Dentisty/Smile Model

Cover page model/Editorial Editorial
Makeup Model

Portfolio Magazine/Skirt Magazine
Hair Model

Retro Lovely Magazine/Cover Page
Pinup Model